by Blanco Bronco

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Blanco Bronco
by Matt Driscoll
Jul 24, 2008
Blanco Bronco is a band the Weekly Volcano simply adores. Natasha has gushed about them. Carmen has sung Blanco Bronco’s praises. Pappi Swarner has offered up his own editorial kind words. And even I’ve thrown down a complementary sentence or two about the band on the Spew (

Blanco Bronco is a band we here at the Weekly Volcano know all about. We’re practically sitting in a tree, k-i-s-s-i-n-g.

However, you have a life. You may not have time for wading through Tacoma’s growing pool of indie rock goodness to find the gems. Perhaps you look to columns like Rock Rhetoric to do the work for you.

If this is the case, please let me introduce you to Blanco Bronco. A little bit sloppy and insistent — in the most beautiful sense of the words — Blanco Bronco is pressing and raw. The band — roping in a number of sounds and varied influences — fits in with Tacoma’s indie uprising, but also sounds like — if it came down to a fist fight — they could whip any band of shoe-gazing arties out there. Though the band — through song structure and lyrics — does sound educated, they don’t cross the Obama line of elitism, and at their heart is always a rock and roll band first. That is, perhaps, Blanco Bronco’s most endearing quality.

“We come to rock, speak softly and carry big amps,” says Blanco Bronco guitarist Aaron Wilson. “We’re making a choose-your-own adventure book of Tacoma rock. I think we are aimless songwriters. We rely on whatever seems to work for the song itself, and we try to be really diverse in our styles. Just because something doesn’t sound exactly like us doesn’t mean we won’t try it out. I try to apply the thought process that perfection lies in imperfection. One of us will start on something and the rest of us will try to contribute, if it feels right it may become a song.”

“The chemistry is quite good between us, we actually enjoy hanging out together outside of the band,” says drummer John Ledington.

“We’d probably be a better band if we didn’t, because we’d spend more time practicing instead of just hanging out and laughing at each other,” adds bassist Tyler Royster. “We’ve written hundreds of hooks and parts, but 99 percent of them never make it to an audience.”

In the past, when discussing Blanco Bronco’s sound on the Spew, I compared the band to Pavement. Though it’s a description I believed at the time, and one I’ve heard from a number of angles, looking back on it I must have been high. Blanco Bronco does subscribe to an indie rock chaos theory than can sound Malkmus-like at times, without a doubt, but that’s just one of many comparisons a desperate music writer could make. This band is diverse. Pigeonholing Blanco Bronco with any other description than “seriously f***ing good” is nearly impossible.


released March 13, 2018

Engineered & Mixed By Justin Tamminga At Wrechaus Studios

Cover Design Art & Concept By Art Chantry

All Songs Written & Performed By Blanco Bronco Copyright 2013

Re released digitally online by Archimedes Records 2018


all rights reserved



Blanco Bronco Tacoma, Washington

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